Happy New Year!!!

December 31st, 2010

I want to wish a very happy & healthy New Year to everyone who supported FixCancer throughout 2010!! We had a very successful year bringing our proposal of a National Health Test onto the agenda of Dáil Éireann.
We will continue to campaign throughout 2011, following up the politicians to get the National Health Test introduced for everyone.
Once again thanks a million to all our supporters and sponsors, without your interest in FixCancer none of our success this year would have been possible! Dave

Report On 24 Hours Around The Dáil

October 7th, 2010

Wednesday 29th September, a beauty of a day, started with a cement truck barging into the Dáil gates, something told us it would be an interesting day to say the least!

And so began our 24hr Dáil Cycle for a National Health Test (NHT) in Dublin City Centre. A small circuit of 1.54km was covered over the 24hrs approximately 331 times! Surprisingly, no-one got dizzy…. well maybe just a bit towards the end!

A trade union march of all of 500 metres disrupted our circuit by adding the extra distance onto Nassau St and up Kildare St, but only for 2hrs while they protested about bankers!

I am proud to say we stopped at 99.9% of red lights, which was a strange experience at first but now I know what traffic lights where designed for hehe!

The Kildare St entrance of the Dáil was awash with media and politicians so I was kept busy between laps. Following an interview with Samantha Libreri from RTE News; I was approached by Charlie O’Connor TD for Tallaght and other key members of the Oireachtas. We had a very informed discussion that struck a serious cord with everyone. These TD’s are crucial players in us getting a National Health Test, so to have met them and discussed our proposal was exactly why we where doing our cycle. We intend to meet these TD’s again along with all the spokes people on health from the different parties and the Minister in the coming weeks!

As the media requested sound bites and pictures through the afternoon, as well as giving me the challenge of placard carrying on a fixie (felt a bit like a circus clown haha!) we continued to get the attention we wanted from Taxi Drivers, Private Drivers, Pedestrians and even Ireland’s boys & girls in Blue (the Garda)!

I’ve been informed by the FixCancer picketers that the craic was out of this world (obviously between serious discussions with genuinely interested folk) the entertainment provided by certain protesters and average crazies as well as the usual drunkards stumbling home from a nights boozing should, as Grace pointed out, be turned into a book!!

On a personal note this whole experience was a massive challenge both mentally and physically. I was overwhelmed by the turnout on the day from family, old friends and new and the folks I’d never met before who joined in for a couple of laps. I thought the dark lonely hours would be just that but surprisingly I was never on my own! I have to give major props to Rayhaan Farrelly who was there from the very start and on and off throughout the day and night and Dan Wolfe who I only met that night who continued with me right until the very end, I’d say without you guys the missus would have made me stop well before the 24 hour mark. A massive thanks is due once again to Thomas Ennis of Spar Gold Merrion Row who kept us all fed and watered throughout!

Thanks a million to every single one of you on our FixCancer Facebook page for the kind words of support and for spreading the message for a National Health Test in the weeks before and during our 24hr Cycle last week. Every person you tell helps us get closer to getting a NHT for everyone. So, please keep spreading the word when and wherever you can.
Cheers – we’ll keep you posted on all progress!

Riders: Rayhan Farrelly, Dan Wolf, Wayne Rees, Podge Keane, Alan Feeney, Stevie Kavanagh, Richard Daly, Ronan Dunne, Niamh Healy-Moore, Monica Campardo, Jamie Murphy, Chris Velocity Couriers, Bernard + Sean + Lorcan City Cycles, Anto Eurocycles, Martin Powerscourt Hairdressers, Mick the X-Courier and His Lady as well as all the couriers and other cyclists who joined in for a few fleeting minutes.

Picketers: Liz Murphy, Oscar Murphy, Grace Porter, Noel Murphy Snr, Sara Porter, Ruth Porter, Ed Porter, Aimee Leonard, Augusto Evangelisti, Laura Stynes, Karen Madden, Rachel Coyle, Niamh Kiloran, Aideen Warfield, Paddy Kindillon, Jamie Acton, Richard Jolly, Aileen O’Brien and Neil.

View the photos here.

NHT 24 Hours Around The Dáil – The Route!

September 28th, 2010

Here’s a vid of the route for tomorrow….. it’s a tad jumpy but you’ll get the idea!

Show solidarity – wear pink or green!

September 27th, 2010

For those of you coming along to our NHT 24 Hour Cycle Around The Dáil on Wednesday and/or Thursday – if you can please wear something pink or green or a FixCancer tee if you bought one. It will be a great show of solidarity!

Here’s the letter & fact sheet I sent to EVERY politician in the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament)

September 26th, 2010

Ref: National Health Test (NHT) for the People

Dear TD,

On 29th September 2010 I will cycle for 24 hours around the Dáil in order to get a National Health Test introduced by the Government. From one citizen to another I call on you in your duty as an elected representative, as fellow citizen of this nation and a human being to support our call to introduce a National Health Test (NHT) for every person in this country regardless of social status. Cancer, Heart Disease and other curable illnesses have taken too many of our loved ones, this has to stop. The majority of these diseases can be beaten if caught early. Our health system failed them and you, by failing to screen, educate, prevent, treat and cure these illnesses.

By introducing a NHT for the people through Educating, Checking and Screening we can Prevent unnecessary deaths while Saving lives. The Taxpayer will Save money too. It costs a lot more to treat a citizen for advanced Cancer than it does for a person in Stage 1 or 2 of that disease. The strain on the health system would be a lot less, as the more people know about their medical state the more likely they will be to live a healthy lifestyle. This will mean they will eat better and exercise more therefore spend more money. Therefore, increasing the number of jobs in the sport and health sectors.

The Exchequer will benefit from this Health Spend by citizens. Added to this less sick days will arise, productivity in the work place will increase; people will work longer and therefore contribute more as Taxpayers.

Educate – Everyone about all health matters including diet, nutrition, exercise
Check – Everyone every two years for all major diseases including Cancer and Heart Disease
Screen – Free of charge all people, regardless of social background or income
Prevent – Unnecessary deaths by screening
Save – Lives. Not only lives but the government will save money.

It costs less to prevent all major disease than treat late stage. It is simple. Blood tests and other non invasive tests can be used to identify key indicators for all major illnesses. They are cheap to administer and relatively quick in returning results.

Creating a National Health Test (NHT) would also create direct employment with the creation of NHT Centres around the country with the requirement for Doctors, Locums, Nurses, Nurses Aids and Lab Technicians to name but a few. Add to that all the indirect employment this would create throughout the country through the supply of goods and services to/for the NHT Centres.

If we can have a National Car Test (NCT) why on earth can we not have a National Health Test (NHT). Are our citizens not our most valuable asset? Are we the people of Ireland not worth more than a car?

28 Million People World Wide Have Cancer
Source: www.livestrong.org

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Ireland, following heart disease. About 30% of Irish now living will eventually have cancer. That is 1 in 3!
Source: National Cancer Registry Ireland

The Financial Impact Of A Cancer Diagnosis – Facts:

45% of cancer patients had paid fees for a consultation with a hospital clinician. More than one third 36% had incurred costs for seeing a GP.

The average amount spent was €465 on consultants’ fees and €250 on GP’s fees.

29% of patients had incurred costs for prescription medications (on average €300)

39% paid for over-the-counter medicines (€100 on average). 13% had paid for dietary supplements.

Among women with breast cancer, 40% had incurred costs for wigs or hairpieces, spending on average €400, and 5% had paid for manual lymph drainage.

79% cancer patients had costs in relation to transport to hospital appointments.

Of those who were working at the time of diagnosis, 83% took some time off. This figure was higher among those working for an employer (87%) than the self-employed (65%).

Of those who took time off, half received some sick pay – 63% of those working for an employer and 5% of the self-employed.

23% had claimed a new HSE or social welfare payment because of their cancer diagnosis. 38% had obtained a medical card following diagnosis.

30% reported that their household income had decreased since their cancer diagnosis. This percentage was higher among women, younger patients, those who were working at diagnosis and those with dependants.
Source: The Financial Impact Of A Cancer Diagnosis 7th July 2010 by The Irish Cancer Society

Finally, I would like to thank you for your time in reading this letter. I implore you for the good of your loved ones, family, friends and fellow citizens of Ireland that you support our call to have a National Health Test (NHT) voted into legislation as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further with me, please feel free to contact me anytime. On the 29th and 30th September as I am cycling around the Government Buildings, please feel free to come out and talk to me. I look forward to seeing you then.

Yours Sincerely,

Dave Murphy
Global Cycling Movement
Tel: +353 (0)87 914 6561
Mail: info@fixcancer.net
Web: www.fixcancer.net

Please Support Our Call To Get A National Health Test For The People Of Ireland!!

September 18th, 2010

On 29th September 2010 I will cycle for 24 hours around the Dáil in order to get a National Health Test introduced by the Government. If you want to make a difference to the Health of the Nation then please join me on this cycle. Even a half hour of your time would make a big difference. All you need to do is bring yourself and a bike. It is a very short circuit around government buildings. If you do not have a bike then use the Dublin Bikes to join in.

We need volunteers to provide information to the public and support the cyclists. So, if anyone has some extra spare time to volunteer a few hours please contact Dave or Liz by email at info@fixcancer.net

Every little effort made on the day will make a huge difference!!

We are sending letters to every TD in the country calling on them to support our call for National Health Test. Please join us on the 29th and 30th September from 12 noon. Tell everyone you know about this. The more people who join in the better. Please take an hour or two out of your time to make a big difference. Together we can make a difference. Together we can FixCancer. Together we can get a National Health Test for everyone.



Hey That’s My Bike!

September 6th, 2010

Check out this classy track session between Paul Smith and the Rapha Condor Sharp Pro Cycling team in Manchester Velodrome courtesy of the Rapha website.
They’re all using my Condor Lavoro Track Frame!

Sean Kelly Tour Of Waterford 2010

September 1st, 2010

On the Rivet! A term I will always associate with Sean Kelly for two reasons. Firstly, the great man himself often uses it during commentary on Eurosport to explain that a rider is at his limit physically and can’t go any quicker. This in other words means PAIN! Secondly, the Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford on Sunday 29th August put me “On the Rivet” for most of the 160 kms. From waking up the locals, to collapsing Start/Finish Arches, to a pint size rocket rider, to mysterious chain difficulty, to cattle grids and the hardest climbs of the year; the Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford will live long in my mind!

An 8:30am start is not unusual but after a 3:30am wake and 2 1/2 hour drive from Dublin to Dungarvan in West Waterford it is unusual and tiring. So, too is the sound of Tina Turner’s ‘Simply the Best’ blaring full blast waking all the locals from a Sunday morning lie-in! After sign-on and some breaky a trip to the start line with JP Lyons from South Dublin CC was always going to be funny. As JP and myself chatted we watched the Start/Finish inflatable arch collapse just as Sean Kelly was about to say his few words to get the day rolling! Hilarious. The who’s who of the peleton were introduced to me and pointed at by JP as we made our way out of Dungarvan towards Carrick-On-Suir. Just outside the town before the wicked first climb of the day,  JP, had a mysterious “chain problem”! Meaning he did the smaller 100km route and arrived back an hour before I did!

An elite group formed quickly after the climb at Carrick that pushed on at a fine race pace to Clonmel before being thinned to 4 or 5 who skipped the food stops. This is where the pint size rocket, Joe Barry and a Dan Morrissey rider worked me over leaving me to tackle 80km and two Cat 1 climbs on my own. No complaints. I kept a great tempo up the Nire Scenic View, which is a long long Cat 1 with stunning views of at least four counties. As I wasn’t on a Sunday drive with the family, I just pushed on. Mahon Falls pushed back! One cattle grid on the way up, a massive head wind and gradients I’ve only ever seen on Giro Stages. All followed by a descent capable of killing weak bike handlers. The descent was full of killer drops in the road, hairpin turns and gravel everywhere! I was delighted to escape Mahon Falls alive enough to refill my bidon at the bottom before tackling the last not so steep but long long long climb up what was called Mama’s something or other?? Thankfully, Gareth Enright 2010 Gorey 3 Winner caught up with me in the last 40 km making the return back to Dungarvan easier for the both of us as we continued to pull each other at a great pace home. 160 km, 2 Cat 1 Climbs all in 5hrs 15mins and 6th place isn’t too shabby for a day’s work in the saddle!

I have to say thanks a million to JP Lyons for very funny banter. Gareth Enright respect man. A true winner and gentleman to boot. A BIG HUGE Thanks to my wife Liz and son Oscar for being there on Sunday and every day. None of the FixCancer stuff would be possible without Liz and Oscar. I Love You.

Finally a massive thanks to Aer Arann official sponsors of this FixCancer challenge.

Pictures of the day can be viewed here!

Martin Earley Tour Of Kildare 2010

August 11th, 2010

The sun shone brightly on the Martin Earley Tour Of Kildare on Sunday 8th August in Naas.

All cyclists great and small donned their finest lycra (some tighter than others!) as what seemed like 500+ cyclist departed Naas for a controlled neutralised rollout to Kilcock for refreshments before the real business of the day began!

Just to let you know it is supposed to be a Touring Charity Cycle for the Marie Keating Foundation but as always with these events it becomes a race very quickly indeed. Once we left Kilcock the racing began with the host club Naas Cycling Club setting the pace up in the 40km+ zone for the first flat section determined to drop as many riders as possible. The man himself, former Irish Champion and pro cycling legend, Martin Earley stayed with us until after Prosperous before dropping back.

The pace never let up with over 75km covered in under 2 hours including some wicked little drags that pushed the legs to the limit and over. Having conquered the famous “Wall” the dozen of us left at the front chased down the lone escapee across the Curragh’s many cattle grids at full tilt. Naas town arrived too soon, way too soon! Before we knew it, without any warning the line was on us and the sprint for places began. A respectable 8th placing was mine, considering it was balls to the wall for the previous 75km.

I was thrilled to see Liz, my wife and Oscar, my son, at the finishing line in their FixCancer kit having survived a near swan attack while strolling around the park in Naas earlier that morning!

Huge thanks to Lennon Heather Solicitors official sponsors of this FixCancer event.

Pics from the day here


Martin Earley Tour Of Kildare!

August 4th, 2010

Looking forward to doing the Martin Earley Tour Of Kildare this Sunday! Should be a handy 100km considering the route incorporates part of my regular weekly training spin. Massive thanks to Lennon Heather Solicitors official sponsors of this challenge!